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Training Ages: Warkworth

Here we give the breakdown of what we offer for each age group

Cadets: 10 – 13 Years old

This kid’s class includes our successful Kickboxing syllabus, taught in a fun and relaxed manner whilst retaining the formality of the traditional arts.

Benefits for kids

  • Self-Control and Good Decision MakingWWCadets
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Instilling a Sense of Respect
  • Balance and Posture
  • Coordination and Motor Skills
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
  • Fun
  • Build fitness and strength

We offer a wide syllabus that is sanctioned by both World Kickboxing Association and World Traditional Combat Organisation.

This allows for students who are not inclined towards the fighting side of the martial arts to be able to concentrate on traditional forms delivered by TaeKwon-Do and Karate.

These sessions are taught by experienced instructors and are regularly tested not just on the techniques but in various tag test which include the following

  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Memory skills
  • Problem solving
  • Physical development and fitness

Adults: 14 years upwards

IMG_9050Our Warkworth branch teaches our Kickboxing syllabus along with elements from Muay Thai. These students will learn the different styles involved, along with the opportunities to compete in patterns, light contact and ring sport events.

If you have no interest in competing or grading, you will still get a great workout from the training along with learning great skills

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All our martial arts are taught by qualified and experienced instructors with grading syllabi that are recognised worldwide.

As a Warkworth member you may want to jump in and join one of our corporate programs, Fight Girls or Bucket List Fighter. These will take you through a program of coaching with a fight night at the end of it… The Ultimate Challenge.