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The Hangman Challenge

Are YOU ready for the Hangman Challenge?

What is this about

The Hangman challenge takes those who have no experience and gives them the tools to fight in a novice MMA match in April 2018.
Dan Hooker, one of New Zealand’s premier UFC fighters brings his vast MMA knowledge to new fighters.
The challenge is also looking for fighters who have just fought stand up like K1/Kickboxing or have just done grappling.

2. Is there an age limit and when does training start?


For this challenge we are restricting the age from 18 years old up to 39 years old (on fight day). These are strict age cut offs due to the type of event you are training for.

Training starts in September with the final selection cutoff at the beginning of October. We are looking for a maximum of 12 people for this challenge, made up of different levels and we will be training back up fighters who will be able to step up if the selected fighters are unable to complete the program. Reserve fighters will fight on other shows.

3. Do I need a medical?

You will be required to supply a blood report after a month of training and then four weeks prior to the event you will be required to provide medical clearance.
You may requested at anytime during the program to provide a medical clearance letter by the organisers.

4. What are the training requirements and do I fight before?

As this is a lot more full on than our normal programs we will be expecting those to take part to train hard, this will be 3 nights a week with some 2 hour sessions.

We will be looking at some if not all to fight in our Bucketlist Fighter event on November 25th.

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