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Personal Trainers

Our instructors offer several different types of personal training and we work with other trainers outside of Dynamic Martial Arts.

Why you would you use a personal trainer.

There are many reasons that people go to personal trainers, however the most common reasons we have are the following.

  • Not trained for a long time: Having a few sessions can help get the basics sorted and give you a bit of fitness before joining a group session. Also giving you the confidence to train at your own pace along side others.
  • Recovering from an injury: Wanting to do something but not having the knowledge to train without causing more injuries, have a series of one on one sessions can teach you the correct way to train and help you recover.
  • Embarrassed by size: Some people feel self conscious about themselves and need to be able to train in private with a personal trainer, this gives them a chance to build their self confidence and to start to climb the fitness ladder in a comfortable way.
  • Doctors orders: People who have been told they need to get fit or face drastic consequences are the most apprehensive when it comes to starting new activity. Not sure what to do and not wanting to go so hard they do more damage can be very scary. Personal training sessions will give you a step by step plan.

Our Personal Trainers

Dave Sawyer

Fight Fit Personal Training

daveDave is a qualified personal trainer and head instructor of Dynamic Martial Arts. He works mainly with people who are trying to get back into fitness or rehabilitation of injuries. He knows all the pitfalls of trying to keep weight off and understands how hard it is. Most of Dave’s clients don’t feel comfortable in a flashy or macho gym and hate the thought of Lycra! Also training out of his own facility he is able to ensure that when you train with him you are not in public place and always dry!

With Dave you wont find any flash fads or crazy diets, old fashion hard work with lots of support. His training’s are based around kickboxing, using proper techniques and safe exercises to help you achieve your goals.

Dave’s thoughts towards personal training are the following.

I truly believe there is a lot of value in personal training as it is personalised to the individual, however unlike a lot of other trainers my goal isn’t to have clients personal training as a long term goal. I believe that to keep person training and leading a healthy lifestyle they should be surrounded by others with the same outlook i.e. part of a club. My goal is it to enable my clients to get to a stage where they can join in the main kickboxing club and be part of a family who all look out for each other.

For more information contact Dave directly on 021 214 7204


  • $50:   30 mins training standard rate
  • $70:   40 mins training standard rate


Andrea Kilday

Altus Snyman

altusAltus is a qualified personal trainer with a passion for fitness and health.
He has over 8 years experience in Self Defence and “Close Quarter Tactics”.

Altus is an active international Brazilian Jiu Jitsui competitor and medallist.

He has an extensive history and a variety of different sports, ranging from Athletics, Rugby, Cricket, Cycling and swimming martial arts.

Altus specialises in Strength and Conditioning training but enjoys helping people with their health and fitness goal. His passion focus is on training and developing the different energy systems, improving general fitness, strength, speed and power.

If you are planning on stepping into the ring, entering a competition or just want to loose some weight and be healthy then he is your man.  His training methods have been used by New Zealand athletes that compete overseas to improve their performance.

Altus has a beginner to advance testing system and program to will help you assess your current level of fitness, body compensation, speed and power. The system is develop in a way your can track your improvement, work on your weaknesses and work on action steps for your to reach your goals.

Talk to him for:

Weight loss
Health and Nutrition
Strength and Conditioning
Speed and Power improvement
Sport Specific Training
Self Defence / CQT

Call or email,

Altus Snyman