3A & 4A/16 Agency Lane
Silverdale, Auckland

Instructors: Silverdale

Introduction to our instructors at Silverdale

Dave Sawyer

daveDave has been involved in Martial Arts and with fighters on the Kickboxing/Taekwon-Do circuits for over 30 years. Dave was also a competitive Judo and Kickboxing fighter in his youth.

At Dynamic Martial Arts Dave oversees all aspects of the club including ensuring the high standard of teaching across all of his instructors thus maintaining a high quality of instruction for all of our members.

Dave teaches the Tiger classes along with some of the Combat Cardio sessions in the morning, he is also the main instructor for our Warkworth branch.

If you have any questions about the running of the club, website or a general issue then he is the person to see.


Dan ‘Hangman’ Hooker – UFC Fighter

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Gary Sawyer

Gary SawyerGary has spent a lot of his life watching, learning and doing martial arts and ring sport.

By far a very traditional based but incorporate a tactician approach to the combat (sport or self defence) side.

“I am here to help get you through the ranks of Kickboxing, teach you different techniques, the pro’s and con’s of techniques and how best to use them.I like to teach in a fast moving and in-depth way aiming to increase speed, power and confidence in a variety of punches, kicks and blocks with pinpoint accuracy.”

His goal to win four world championship divisions for New Zealand (ideally all in one year!), and to train more future world champions for years to come.

Danielle Teixeira

DanielleDanielle first came to Dynamic as part of the original fight girls and has continued to fight as part of the Nemesis fight squad . In November 2015 she competed in the Unified World Championships where she took home 2 Gold and 2 Silver medals.

Martial Arts is her passion. She has dedicated her time to studying Kickboxing, where she holds a 1st Degree Black belt , and more recently Hapkido, where she holds a blue belt.

Now as an official WKA referee/judge, Danielle hopes to build her future as an official and coach




Gareth Jenkins

Gareth Jenkins has run HBC Boxing for several years gaining great results in the amateur ranks with his fighters. He has now joined forces with Dynamic Martial Arts to create the next generation of boxers

Henri-Noel Venturini

henriMy name is Henri-noel Venturini,

I am a 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido, 1st degree black belt in Tae kwon do, black belt in Choi Le Fut Gonfu, a master in Tai chi and weapons.

I regularly hold classes in Hapkido and Taiji and I am also available for one-on-one self-defence classes.




Mike Howard

MIchaelMichael Howard has been doing Kickboxing for about four years now and began teaching about a year ago.

I teach all the age ranges, from Tiny Tigers to the Adults class.

Over the four years I have progressed to my 1st Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing and Blue belt  in Hapkido. 2017 I will be representing New Zealand at the WKA World Champs in Spain.


Casey Tucker

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Kim Sawyer

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