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Silverdale, Auckland

Our Events

Dynamic Martial Arts hosts several events a year. Internal club events, in house sparring and big shows.

In House Dynamic Events

Internal Dynamic Martial Arts belts. This is an internal competition that has a serious side to it. These will be belts fought for at quarterly interclub challenges between Dynamic Martial Arts club members. These are to build healthy competition inside our club and also help those coming up have a target to aim for.

Hangman Challenge

Are you ready to take up the Hangman Challenge!! Like our Fight Girls and Bucket List Fighter, this is a full on program that takes you from knowing nothing to becoming a Cage Fighter.

This program is an intensive 6 month schedule that concludes with an MMA match up.

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Fight Girls and The Bucket List Fighter

200pxFight-Girls-LATEST-LOGODynamic Martial Arts has made a huge name for itself with the unique Fight Girls program created by Dave Sawyer in 2013, this has lead to now include The Bucket List Fighter as part of its corporate fighting program. These events are big charity shows well supported and enjoyed by many local people who turn out to support these normal everyday people jumping into the ring for the first time.

We have seen peoples lives changed in a positive way to the degree that Dave Sawyer has vowed to keep these running as it has helped so many people.


To keep up to date with these shows go to their individual websites.