3A & 4A/16 Agency Lane
Silverdale, Auckland


We have two mottos, one for our Silverdale training centre and one for Dynamic Martial Arts.

Silverdale Training Centre: “A Skilled Training Centre”

The Silverdale Centre is not your ordinary gym where you use machines and weights or hit a bag in the corner.
Everyone of our instructors is trained and experienced in what they teach, all of our Martial Arts instructors are sanctioned by a national or international association which gives you the comfort of knowing that everyone knows what they are doing.

Even if you just come to our fitness sessions, you will learn different techniques and combinations so that if you are ever attacked are vital life skills. Our aim is that everyone who walks through our door learns a new valuable skill.

And so we have, “A Skilled Training Centre”

Dynamic Martial Arts: “Champions are not born, they are created”

This is not about title belts or medals, this is about setting personal goals and beating them. Doesn’t matter who you are and what you are trying to overcome, every step you take in the right direction is a step closer to being a champion.

“A champion is someone who takes every obstacle in life and redirects them to use as fuel for progress. It is someone who aggressively and persistently goes after his or her objective. It is someone whose heart is so rooted in the belief that they will succeed, that they make no room for self-doubt.”

And so we have, “Champions aren’t born, they are created.”