3A & 4A/16 Agency Lane
Silverdale, Auckland

About us

About Dynamic Martial Arts

Opening in 2005, head instructor Dave Sawyer has not only strived to bring quality martial arts training to the area, but has also put into place his dream of a true martial arts centre where members can train in different arts at the venue, all for one price.

We currently run over 40 hours a week of instructor lead classes with a wide range of sessions that the whole family can enjoy.

Our members come to us for a wide range of reasons, from those who just want to improve their fitness, through to those wanting to compete and win titles.  Every member of Dynamic doesn’t just join a club; they join a family who will support you to help you achieve your goals.

  • Kids Classes:  From 4 years + they are trained in age specific sessions to get the best out of their training
  • Fitness Classes:  For those looking to gain fitness, lose weight, tone & strengthen in a fun an friendly atmosphere
  • Martial Arts Classes:   Where you can gain new skills, self-confidence & grade up to black belt
  • Competitive Classes:  These cater for your level, from novices – who are looking to compete for the first time in light contact events – through to A class K1 fighters looking for New Zealand titles and higher.

Dynamic Martial Arts also hold several social events throughout the year for all club members young and old.  We also run our own fight events for all levels.  Dynamic is currently active in running the light contact Auckland series of events along  with ‘Orewa Fight Nights’ where our own members step in to the ring alongside other clubs from around the country.

Our club has a wide variety of members, from national & international champions, New Zealand team members, black belt holders as well as beginners just starting out.  We have members who just come for fitness & others just learning how to defend themselves.  Martial Arts have something for everyone.

Dynamic Martial Arts is where you can train in a mixture of different martial arts by our qualified instructors in a family friendly environment,